I am one of 150 million youth below the poverty line.

Make me self-reliant

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I am one of 1.2 million youth below the poverty line.

Give me life-skills

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I am one of 120 million unemployed youth.

Give me direction

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“Empowering disadvantaged youth and their communities to become Smart Villages”

Who we Impact

Static inequality faced by disadvantaged populations leads to intergenerational poverty. Almost  600 million extremely poor live in rural areas. Rural communities and their young lives are the most vulnerable – their potential is wasted.

What we Impact

Our scalable smart villages initiative focuses on the three pillars of the Human Development Index – Health, Education and Employment. Our approach is anchored in indigenous potential. We believe “Prosperity is the result of pervasive indigenous innovation…”

How we Impact

Empower each individual to discover and manifest their potential. Help people manifest their creative genius and make their communities ‘smart’ through learning and sharing. People are the solution, not the problem.